4 Benefits of Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Lake Charles,LA - Photo Booth - Ascension Episcopal

There are a few must-have items you need for the perfect wedding day: a photographer, DJ/band, a venue, catering, invitations, floral arrangements and the like. While these are some of the traditional wedding items, make sure to add in a photo booth if you want to enhance the mood and add more entertainment for your guests! Although photo booths at a wedding are really a modern addition to your ongoing wedding checklist, they do provide many benefits and can take your wedding from just another nuptial engagement, to the wedding of the year! And it doesn’t matter what type of wedding you’re having either, because a photo booth can seamlessly complement a black tie gala to a rustic, backyard affair! Still not convinced you should have a photo booth on your big day? Read on to find out why it should be at the top of your wedding list!

1. Additional keepsakes

Traditionally, you provide a small momentum for your guests to take home with them to remember your special day. It can be as simple as a decorative cookie or as elaborate as a custom created koozie. Whatever it is, its purpose is to provide fond memories of your union to your spouse. If you can’t afford that keepsake, a photo booth easily provides that gift for you, with pictures your guests can keep. You get to customize the background of the photos to include your wedding colors, theme and date so that every time your guests look at them, they’ll remember how fun your wedding was! And even if you do give out other keepsakes, it’s just one more thing to thank guests, for coming out to celebrate your wedding.                   

2. Added entertainment

You already have a DJ and/or band, which takes care of the dance floor, but what about those who aren’t keen to dancing? Well, a photo booth adds some fun to the atmosphere for all! Having a booth at your wedding allows for guests to have another avenue of entertainment during the reception. Guests can boogie down on the dance floor, hit the bar for some refreshments and then let loose inside the photo booth! Not to mention, they’ll end up staying longer, ..hopefully long enough to slip some cash into your hand for that honeymoon fund!

3. Get more social

Photo booths these days are anything but boring! Many modern ones have extra perks that allows guests to get social! The photos can have personalized wedding hashtags on them and some booths allow you quick access to share photos digitally, via a Facebook album or private gallery so you can easily share all the pics of your special day on the ‘Gram. You’ll be able to keep track of all the crazy moments that was had at your wedding with unique hashtags and all the priceless photo booth photos!

4. Let Loose

Weddings are very structured events, with everything on a timeline. Allowing guests a chance to relax makes the event that much more enjoyable and a photo booth does exactly that! They can use silly props to make the photos that much more interesting, and make incredible memories with friends new and old! They’ll get a chance to let loose after all the formalities are done and really have a great time at your wedding.

Those are just a few of the benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding, especially if you want it to be the wedding of the year! Guests will appreciate the entertainment and love the keepsake photos they get to take home.