Five Ways a Non-profit Can Benefit From Using a Photo Booth

Lake Charles,LA - Photo Booth - Ascension Episcopal

Succeeding as a non-profit can be quite challenging. Getting yourself out there in the urban complex as a non-profit organization can feel like an enormous task to pull off. For a non-profit to make it in this modern-day era, a proper channel of good exposure is needed. Thanks to the mighty Internet, the world is now a global village and social media sites help bring us together from all corners of the world.

Listed below are 5 ways that using a photo booth will guide non-profit organizations to start broadening their reach and engage more people:


Do you want to bring in more people to your events? Well, you have to expose your non-profit organization through every possible outlet and one of the best ways is to use a photo booth. Utilizing a photo booth will help you, as an organization, show the world what your non-profit organization is all about. As a non-profit organization, you can decide to go with a print option and share your logo on your prints. Once the guests receive their prints, your logo is now in the hands of hundreds of people!Using a photo booth also gives you the option to share all the activities and the fun side of your organization through social media. The social sharing option allows your guests to instantly receive their photos via text message, email, Facebook or Twitter. Once your guests share their photos on social media, followers and any other interested persons will be able to view your event photos along with your logo. The people you have shared your photos with will in return share your photos to their friends and families and further promote your organization to new people.You can also maximize your exposure by using hashtags so that people interested in your hashtag will see your photos.


Sponsorships can be a great way to get your non-profit organization on the path to success. We recommend reaching out to sponsors to help cover the cost of the booth and pitching the idea to them as a marketing tool. We can customize the screen, layout, provide a step and repeat backdrop that includes your logo and sponsor’s logos, customize text message, and provide custom booth wraps. All of the photo booth marketing capabilities will help market your sponsors and can be an incentive for them to want to partner with your organization. Most sponsors will be more than happy to partner with you once they realize that they are investing in more than just a photo booth and are investing in a marketing tool as well.It’s also a win-win situation when you place their logos in your photos and share them and most sponsors will announce the organizations they are sponsoring as well. So, you both get recognized by each other and gain a new following through that connection.

Red Carpet

Photo booths aren’t just all silly props and no class. Our modern photo booths can fit seamlessly into any upscale event! With us, you enjoy our open-air photo booths that are perfect for small and large group photos. Also, using a photo booth instead of a photographer is way cheaper and more relatable. Plus, using a photo booth comes with the freedom of taking as many photos as you want without your guests having the fear of extra charges.

Collecting Important Data

With our photo booth, we have the latest technology, so we can customize your photos to your liking and embed any data that you would love to include in your photos. We have email data capture capabilities, survey capabilities, and we can customize texts that go out with the photos as well. These are features that as an organization, you can use to your advantage for your future events and keep in touch with guests from past events.

Get Paid

If you are fortunate to get a sponsor, you can use the sponsor to cover the costs of the booth. At this point, you can decrease your ticket costs by a few dollars and allow more people to be able to afford to attend your event. You could also charge a minimal fee for photos taken at your event and put that money towards the people or cause your organization supports.You can use these photo booth opportunities to increase the number of people you reach. You just have to be strategic and get a good photo booth company to help you get your non-profit organization out there. You can invest in our services that are best customized to non-profit organizations like yours. We will work with you to make sure that your non-profit organization benefits from our services. We hope that this information will help you in your endeavor to get your non-profit organization known to as many people as you can.